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Xiangning Lin Electromagnetic Transient Analysis and Novel Protective Relaying Techniques for Power Transformers

An advanced level examination of the latest developments in power transformer protection This book addresses the technical challenges of transformer malfunction analysis as well as protection. One of the current research directions is the malfunction mechanism analysis due to nonlinearity of transformer core and comprehensive countermeasures on improving the performance of transformer differential protection. Here, the authors summarize their research outcomes and present a set of recent research advances in the electromagnetic transient analysis, the application on power transformer protections, and present a more systematic investigation and review in this field. This research area is still progressing, especially with the fast development of Smart Grid. This book is an important addition to the literature and will enhance significant advancement in research. It is a good reference book for researchers in power transformer protection research and a good text book for graduate and undergraduate students in electrical engineering. Chapter headings include: Transformer differential protection principle and existing problem analysis; Malfunction mechanism analysis due to nonlinearity of transformer core; Novel analysis tools on operating characteristics of Transformer differential protection; Novel magnetizing inrush identification schemes; Comprehensive countermeasures on improving the performance of transformer differential protection An advanced level examination of the latest developments in power transformer protection Presents a new and systematic view of power transformer protection, enabling readers to design new models and consider fresher design approaches Offers a set of approaches to optimize the power system from a microeconomic point of view

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Eiichi Haginomori Power System Transient Analysis. Theory and Practice using Simulation Programs (ATP-EMTP)

Understanding transient phenomena in electric power systems and the harmful impact of resulting disturbances is an important aspect of power system operation and resilience. Bridging the gap from theory to practice, this guide introduces the fundamentals of transient phenomena affecting electric power systems using the numerical analysis tools, Alternative Transients Program- Electromagnetic Transients Program (ATP-EMTP) and ATP-DRAW. This technology is widely-applied to recognize and solve transient problems in power networks and components giving readers a highly practical and relevant perspective and the skills to analyse new transient phenomena encountered in the field. Key features: Introduces novice engineers to transient phenomena using commonplace tools and models as well as background theory to link theory to practice. Develops analysis skills using the ATP-EMTP program, which is widely used in the electric power industry. Comprehensive coverage of recent developments such as HVDC power electronics with several case studies and their practical results. Provides extensive practical examples with over 150 data files for analysing transient phenomena and real life practical examples via a companion website. Written by experts with deep experience in research, teaching and industry, this text defines transient phenomena in an electric power system and introduces a professional transient analysis tool with real examples to novice engineers in the electric power system industry. It also offers instruction for graduates studying all aspects of power systems.

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Dr. Juan A. Martinez-Velasco Transient Analysis of Power Systems. Solution Techniques, Tools and Applications

The simulation of electromagnetic transients is a mature field that plays an important role in the design of modern power systems. Since the first steps in this field to date, a significant effort has been dedicated to the development of new techniques and more powerful software tools. Sophisticated models, complex solution techniques and powerful simulation tools have been developed to perform studies that are of supreme importance in the design of modern power systems. The first developments of transients tools were mostly aimed at calculating over-voltages. Presently, these tools are applied to a myriad of studies (e.g. FACTS and Custom Power applications, protective relay performance, simulation of smart grids) for which detailed models and fast solution methods can be of paramount importance. This book provides a basic understanding of the main aspects to be considered when performing electromagnetic transients studies, detailing the main applications of present electromagnetic transients (EMT) tools, and discusses new developments for enhanced simulation capability. Key features: Provides up-to-date information on solution techniques and software capabilities for simulation of electromagnetic transients. Covers key aspects that can expand the capabilities of a transient software tool (e.g. interfacing techniques) or speed up transients simulation (e.g. dynamic model averaging). Applies EMT-type tools to a wide spectrum of studies that range from fast electromagnetic transients to slow electromechanical transients, including power electronic applications, distributed energy resources and protection systems. Illustrates the application of EMT tools to the analysis and simulation of smart grids.

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Akihiro Ametani Cable System Transients. Theory, Modeling and Simulation

A systematic and comprehensive introduction to electromagnetic transient in cable systems, written by the internationally renowned pioneer in this field Presents a systematic and comprehensive introduction to electromagnetic transient in cable systems Written by the internationally renowned pioneer in the field Thorough coverage of the state of the art on the topic, presented in a well-organized, logical style, from fundamentals and practical applications A companion website is available

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Phadke Arun G. Computer Relaying for Power Systems

Since publication of the first edition of Computer Relaying for Power Systems in 1988, computer relays have been widely accepted by power engineers throughout the world and in many countries they are now the protective devices of choice. The authors have updated this new edition with the latest developments in technology and applications such as adaptive relaying, wide area measurements, signal processing, new GPS-based measurement techniques and the application of artificial intelligence to digital relays. New material also includes sigma-delta and oversampling A/D converters, self-polarizing and cross-polarizing in transmission lines protection and optical current and voltage transformers. Phadke and Thorp have been working together in power systems engineering for more than 30 years. Their impressive work in the field has been recognized by numerous awards, including the prestigious 2008 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electrical Engineering for their pioneering contributions to the development and application of microprocessor controllers in electric power systems. Provides the student with an understanding of computer relaying Authored by international authorities in computer relaying Contents include relaying practices, mathematical basis for protective relaying algorithms, transmission line relaying, protection of transformers, machines and buses, hardware organization in integrated systems, system relaying and control, and developments in new relaying principles Features numerous solved examples to explain several of the more complex topics, as well as a problem at the end of each chapter Includes an updated list of references and a greatly expanded subject index.

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Jian-Ming Jin Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields

Reviews the fundamental concepts behind the theory and computation of electromagnetic fields The book is divided in two parts. The first part covers both fundamental theories (such as vector analysis, Maxwell’s equations, boundary condition, and transmission line theory) and advanced topics (such as wave transformation, addition theorems, and fields in layered media) in order to benefit students at all levels. The second part of the book covers the major computational methods for numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields for engineering applications. These methods include the three fundamental approaches for numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields: the finite difference method (the finite difference time-domain method in particular), the finite element method, and the integral equation-based moment method. The second part also examines fast algorithms for solving integral equations and hybrid techniques that combine different numerical methods to seek more efficient solutions of complicated electromagnetic problems. Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition: Provides the foundation necessary for graduate students to learn and understand more advanced topics Discusses electromagnetic analysis in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates Covers computational electromagnetics in both frequency and time domains Includes new and updated homework problems and examples Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate level electrical engineering students. This book can also be used as a reference for professional engineers interested in learning about analysis and computation skills.

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Farhad Rachidi Electromagnetic Time Reversal. Application to EMC and Power Systems

The aim of this book is to familiarize the reader with the concept of electromagnetic time reversal, and introduce up-to-date applications of the concept found in the areas of electromagnetic compatibility and power systems. It is original in its approach to describing propagation and transient issues in power networks and power line communication, and is the result of the three main editors’ pioneering research in the area.

9603.03 РУБ



Jian-Ming Jin The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics

A new edition of the leading textbook on the finite element method, incorporating major advancements and further applications in the field of electromagnetics The finite element method (FEM) is a powerful simulation technique used to solve boundary-value problems in a variety of engineering circumstances. It has been widely used for analysis of electromagnetic fields in antennas, radar scattering, RF and microwave engineering, high-speed/high-frequency circuits, wireless communication, electromagnetic compatibility, photonics, remote sensing, biomedical engineering, and space exploration. The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics, Third Edition explains the method’s processes and techniques in careful, meticulous prose and covers not only essential finite element method theory, but also its latest developments and applications—giving engineers a methodical way to quickly master this very powerful numerical technique for solving practical, often complicated, electromagnetic problems. Featuring over thirty percent new material, the third edition of this essential and comprehensive text now includes: A wider range of applications, including antennas, phased arrays, electric machines, high-frequency circuits, and crystal photonics The finite element analysis of wave propagation, scattering, and radiation in periodic structures The time-domain finite element method for analysis of wideband antennas and transient electromagnetic phenomena Novel domain decomposition techniques for parallel computation and efficient simulation of large-scale problems, such as phased-array antennas and photonic crystals Along with a great many examples, The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics is an ideal book for engineering students as well as for professionals in the field.

14334.79 РУБ



J. Das C. ARC Flash Hazard Analysis and Mitigation

Up-to-date analysis methodologies and practical mitigation for a major electrical safety concern Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and Mitigation is the first book to focus specifically on arc flash hazards and provide the latest methodologies for its analysis as well as practical mitigation techniques. Consisting of sixteen chapters, this fully up-to-date handbook covers all aspects of arc flash hazard calculations and mitigation. It addresses the calculations of short circuits, protective relaying, and varied electrical systems configurations in electrical power systems. It also examines protection systems, including differential relays, arc flash sensing relays, protective relaying coordination, current transformer operation and saturation, and applications to major electrical equipment from the arc flash point of view. Current technologies and strategies for arc flash mitigation are explored. Using the methodology, analysis, and preventive measures discussed in the book, the arc flash hazard incident energy can be reduced to 8 cal/cm2 or less for the new and existing electrical distribution systems. This powerful resource: Features the most up-to-date arc flash analysis methodologies Presents arc flash hazard calculations in dc systems Supplies practical examples and case studies Provides end-of-chapter reviews and questions Includes a Foreword written by Lanny Floyd, a world-renowned leader in electrical safety who is DuPonts Principal Consultant on Electrical Safety and Technology Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and Mitigation is a must-have guide for electrical engineers engaged in design, operation, and maintenance, consulting engineers, facility managers, and safety professionals.

11879.66 РУБ



Stanley Horowitz H. Power System Relaying

With emphasis on power system protection from the network operator perspective, this classic textbook explains the fundamentals of relaying and power system phenomena including stability, protection and reliability. The fourth edition brings coverage up-to-date with important advancements in protective relaying due to significant changes in the conventional electric power system that will integrate renewable forms of energy and, in some countries, adoption of the Smart Grid initiative. New features of the Fourth Edition include: an entirely new chapter on protection considerations for renewable energy sources, looking at grid interconnection techniques, codes, protection considerations and practices. new concepts in power system protection such as Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS) and system integrity protection (SIPS) -how to use WAMS for protection, and SIPS and control with WAMS. phasor measurement units (PMU), transmission line current differential, high voltage dead tank circuit breakers, and relays for multi-terminal lines. revisions to the Bus Protection Guide IEEE C37.234 (2009) and to the sections on additional protective requirements and restoration. Used by universities and industry courses throughout the world, Power System Relaying is an essential text for graduate students in electric power engineering and a reference for practising relay and protection engineers who want to be kept up to date with the latest advances in the industry.

10678.86 РУБ



Zhengyou He Wavelet Analysis and Transient Signal Processing Applications for Power Systems

An original reference applying wavelet analysis to power systems engineering • Introduces a modern signal processing method called wavelet analysis, and more importantly, its applications to power system fault detection and protection • Concentrates on its application to the power system, offering great potential for fault detection and protection • Presents applications, examples, and case studies, together with the latest research findings • Provides a combination of the author’s tutorial notes from electrical engineering courses together with his own original research work, of interest to both industry and academia

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Almudena Suarez Analysis and Design of Autonomous Microwave Circuits

Presents simulation techniques that substantially increase designers control over the oscillationin autonomous circuits This book facilitates a sound understanding of the free-running oscillation mechanism, the start-up from the noise level, and the establishment of the steady-state oscillation. It deals with the operation principles and main characteristics of free-running and injection-locked oscillators, coupled oscillators, and parametric frequency dividers. Analysis and Design of Autonomous Microwave Circuits provides: An exploration of the main nonlinear-analysis methods, with emphasis on harmonic balance and envelope transient methods Techniques for the efficient simulation of the most common autonomous regimes A presentation and comparison of the main stability-analysis methods in the frequency domain A detailed examination of the instabilization mechanisms that delimit the operation bands of autonomous circuits Coverage of techniques used to eliminate common types of undesired behavior, such as spurious oscillations, hysteresis, and chaos A thorough presentation of the oscillator phase noise A comparison of the main methodologies of phase-noise analysis Techniques for autonomous circuit optimization, based on harmonic balance A consideration of different design objectives: presetting the oscillation frequency and output power, increasing efficiency, modifying the transient duration, and imposing operation bands Analysis and Design of Autonomous Microwave Circuits is a valuable resource for microwave designers, oscillator designers, and graduate students in RF microwave design.

15443.56 РУБ



Oleg Wasynczuk Electromechanical Motion Devices

This text provides a basic treatment of modern electric machine analysis that gives readers the necessary background for comprehending the traditional applications and operating characteristics of electric machines—as well as their emerging applications in modern power systems and electric drives, such as those used in hybrid and electric vehicles. Through the appropriate use of reference frame theory, Electromagnetic Motion Devices, Second Edition introduces readers to field-oriented control of induction machines, constant-torque, and constant-power control of dc, permanent-magnet ac machines, and brushless dc machines. It also discusses steady-state and transient performance in addition to their applications. Electromagnetic Motion Devices, Second Edition presents: The derivations of all machine models, starting with a common first-principle approach (based upon Ohms, Faradays, Amperes, and Newtons/Eulers laws) A generalized two-phase approach to reference frame theory that can be applied to the ac machines featured in the book The influences of the current and voltage constraints in the torque-versus-speed profile of electric machines operated with an electric drive Complete with slides, videos, animations, problems & solutions Thoroughly classroom tested and complete with a supplementary solutions manual and video library, Electromagnetic Motion Devices, Second Edition is an invaluable book for anyone interested in modern machine theory and applications. If you would like access to the solutions manual and video library, please send an email to: ieeeproposals@wiley.com.

10525.07 РУБ



Ismo Lindell V. Multiforms, Dyadics, and Electromagnetic Media

This book applies the four-dimensional formalism with an extended toolbox of operation rules, allowing readers to define more general classes of electromagnetic media and to analyze EM waves that can exist in them End-of-chapter exercises Formalism allows readers to find novel classes of media Covers various properties of electromagnetic media in terms of which they can be set in different classes

11139.52 РУБ



Vladimir Gurevich Protection of Substation Critical Equipment Against Intentional Electromagnetic Threats

The modern microprocessor based electronic equipment most vulnerable to Intentional Destructive Electromagnetic Interferences (IDEI) includes High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) in all substation equipment. However, power equipment and especially transformers are also subject to the influence of HEMP. The book discusses problems and solutions for both kinds of substation equipment. Separated into eight chapters, the book covers: Technological progress and its consequences; Intentional Destructive Electromagnetic Interferences (IDEI); Methods and means of Digital Protective Relay (DPR) protection from electromagnetic pulse; Passive methods and means of DPR protection from electromagnetic pulse; Active methods and means of DPR protection from electromagnetic pulse; Tests of DPR resistance to IDEI impacts; Organizational and technical measures to protect DPR from HEMP; and Protection of power equipment and transformers from HEMP. Key features: Practical approach focusing on technical solutions for difficult problems. Full data on electromagnetic threats and methods of their prevention are concentrated. Addresses a gap in knowledge in the power system industry. This book emphasizes practical recommendations on protection of power substations electric equipment from IDEI that intended for not only staff operating electric equipment, but also for manufacturers of this equipment, specialists of designing companies, managers of electric energy industry as well as for teachers and postgraduate students.

10372.01 РУБ



Bruce Archambeault Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures. Common Mode Filters for High Speed Digital Systems

An essential guide to the background, design, and application of common-mode filtering structures in modern high-speed differential communication links Written by a team of experts in the field, Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures explores the practical electromagnetic bandgap based common mode filters for power integrity applications and covers the theoretical and practical design approaches for common mode filtering in high-speed printed circuit boards, especially for boards in high data-rate systems. The authors describe the classic applications of electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures and the phenomena of common mode generation in high speed digital boards. The text also explores the fundamental electromagnetic mechanisms of the functioning of planar EBGs and considers the impact of planar EBGs on the digital signal propagation of single ended and differential interconnects routed on top or between EBGs. The authors examine the concept, design, and modeling of EBG common mode filters in their two forms: on-board and removable. They also provide several comparisons between measurement and electromagnetic simulations that validate the proposed EBG filters design approach. This important resource: • Presents information on planar EBG based common mode filters for high speed differential digital systems • Provides systematic analysis of the fundamental mechanisms of planar EBG structures • Offers detailed design methodology to create EBG filters without the need for repeated full-wave electromagnetic analysis • Demonstrates techniques for use in practical real-world designs Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures: Common Mode Filters for High Speed Digital Systems offers an introduction to the background, design, and application of common-mode filtering structures in modern high-speed differential communication links, a critical issue in high-speed and high-performance systems.

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Pediatric Endocrinology

Science 234:1258–1261. Lin D, Harikrishna JA, Moore CCD, Jones KL, Miller WL (1991). Missense mutation Ser106→Pro causes 17-hydroxylase deficiency.

Guia GAY Colombia ::. Contactos GAY - Grupos GAY WhatsApp ...

Guia GAY Colombia. Todos los Grupos Gay de WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram y otras redes sociales. Ahora encontrar los amigos GAY de tu ciudad es más fácil. Todos los ...

PubMed Result - NCBI

Am J Hum Genet. 1999 Nov;65(5):1261-7. PubMed PMID: 10521291; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC1288278. 9: Qi YH, Jia HY, Huang SZ, Lin H, Gu JZ, Su H, ...

Table Tennis Videos - Final: Ma Lin vs Zhang Jike - Piggydb.jp

2010 | final | MA Lin | Pro Tour | Suzhou | ZHANG Jike: 868 results. Pro Tour ... Guo Yan-Feng Tianwei → #1261 3. Guo Yue Li Xiaoxia-Wang Yue Gu Li Jiawei ...

Biocompatibility of Bespoke 3D-Printed Titanium Alloy Plates for ...

28 дек. 2017 г. - ... C. Gu, X. Z. Lin, T. Li, W. Q. Huang, and H. Wang, “Application of three-dimensional printing personalized acetabular .... 1261–1274, 2017.

Yusu Gu | UCSD Profiles

Yusu Gu's profile, publications, research topics, and co-authors. ... Gu Y, Zhang K, Biswas N, Friese RS, Lin DH, Mahata SK, Hoshijima M, O'Connor DT, Peterson KL, Brar BK. Urocortin 2 lowers blood pressure .... 2002 Jan 11; 277(2):1261-7.

Xiangning lin electromagnetic transient analysis and novel protective relaying. Homepage of Prof. Y.L.Xu - ZN903

Professor You-Lin XU (Y.L.Xu) PhD (Sydney), FHKIE, FASCE, FEMI, FIStructE Dean of Faculty of Construction and Environment Yim, Mak, Kwok & Chung Professor in Smart ...

Synthetic Neurobiology Group: Ed Boyden, Principal ...

13 - An J, Flores FJ, Kodandaramaiah SB, Betta ID, Nikolaeva K, Boyden ES, Forest CR, Brown EN (2018) Automated Assessment of Loss of Consciousness Using Whisker And ...

All In One: WDQK 1261: Acquaintances

30 мая 2017 г. - Lin Dong?” Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan look at the light to cover beside that several forms, they are startled first, at once being startled sound track.


Details for keynote speeches can be found here. Awards CVPR 2017 Best Paper Awards. Densely Connected Convolutional Networks by Gao Huang, Zhuang Liu, Laurens van der ...

Advanced and Emerging Polybenzoxazine Science and Technology

[2] C. Li, Q. Ran, R. Zhu, Y. Gu, Study on thermal degradation mechanism of a cured aldehyde-functional ... 50 (2012) 1261–1271. ... [8] C.H. Lin, Y.S. Shih, M.W. Wang, C.Y. Tseng, T.Y. Juang, C.F. Wang, Emission and surface properties of ...

Catalytic Epoxidation Reaction over N-Containing sp2 Carbon ...

ACS Catal. , 2014, 4 (5), pp 1261–1266. DOI: 10.1021/ ... Yangming Lin , Bo Li , Zhenbao Feng , Yoong Ahm Kim , Morinobu Endo , and Dang Sheng Su.

Zip Code - Welcome to Chunghwa POST - Postal Services

Contact Number. TEL : +886-2-2321-4311. TEL : +886-2-2392-1310. TEL : +886-2-2393-1261. TEL : +886-2-2321-3625 ...

c-Jun N-terminal kinase and nuclear factor κB mediate nitric oxide ...

The purpose of this study was to investigate the mechanism of expression of matrix metalloproteinase-13 (MMP-13) induced by nitric oxide (NO). Human ...

List of Chinese mathematicians - Wikipedia

This is a list of Chinese mathematicians. With a history spanning over three millennia, Chinese ... 1202–1261; Guo Shoujing: 1231–1316; Yang Hui: c. ... 1914–2010; Chia-Chiao Lin: 1916–2013; Wu Wenjun: 1919-2017; Yuan-Shih Chow: 1924; Gu Chaohao: 1926–2012; Daoxing Xia: b. ... 1958; Jeffrey Yi-Lin Forrest: b.

All Publications - Zhenan Bao Research Group at Stanford Chemical ...

X. Gu, Y. Zhou, K. Gu, T. Kurosawa, Y. Guo, Y. Li, H. Lin, B. C. Schroeder, H. Yan, F. Molina-Lopez, C. J. Tassone, C. Wang, .... Mater., 26, 1261-1270, 2016.

Volume Content and Author Index. Volume 12, 2012 - Aerosol and Air ...

Yun-Wei Zhang, Zhao-Lin Gu, Yan Cheng, Zhen-Xing. Shen, Jun-Gang Dong, Shun-Cheng Lee. 1261 Measurement of Diurnal Variations of PM2.5 Mass.

Diagnostic Value of Transthoracic Doppler Echocardiography in ...

... 1 December 2010, Pages 1261–1264, https://doi.org/10.1038/ajh.2010.188 ... It may be useful as a first-line surveillance modality in patients in whom PH is ...

Chin Med J - Mobile (Back issues)

1261. Feng-De Tian, De-Wei Zhao, Wei Wang, Lin Guo, Si-Miao Tian, Ao Feng, ... Qing-Jun Wu, Jian-Hua Xu, Lin-Di Jiang, Lu Gong, Feng-Qi Wu, Jie-Ruo Gu, ...


1991-1995年吉林大学分子生物学系,学士;1995-1998年吉林大学酶工程国家重点实验室,硕士;1998-2001年中国科学院遗传 ...

Chinese Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery 2011 ...

gu gu jin duan suo ding gang ban zhi liao gu gu zhuan zi jian gu zhe ... yi qi qian lu zhi gu rong he gu ding zhong jian xiang lin duo zhui ti jie he ji zhu wen ding ...

Long Interspersed Element–1 (LINE-1): Passenger or Driver in Human ...

28 мар. 2013 г. - LINE-1 (L1) retrotransposons make up a significant portion of human genomes, with an estimated 500000 copies per genome. ... 2. de Koning AP, Gu W, Castoe TA, Batzer MA, Pollock DD (2011) .... Cell 141: 1253–1261.

Homepage of Prof. Y.L.Xu - ZN903

Professor You-Lin XU (Y.L.Xu) PhD (Sydney), FHKIE, FASCE, FEMI, FIStructE Dean of Faculty of Construction and Environment Yim, Mak, Kwok & Chung Professor in Smart ...

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning : BACK ... - World Scientific

Ahn, E, 1261. An, H F, 468. Bai, Y X, 548. Barkavi, T, 500. Cai, D J ... Gu, H S, 710. Gu, Q K, 608. Gu, X, 725 ... Lin, J H, 980. Lin, L, 1035. Lin, W, 1126. Liu, B J, 3.

Oncology Research - Cognizant Communication

Aims & Scope. Oncology Research is committed to publishing high-quality, innovative research that is focused on the entire range of preclinical, translational, and ...

WDQK - Chapter 1261: Returning to the Chaotic Demon Sea ...

Wu Dong Qian Kun - Chapter 1261: Returning to the Chaotic Demon Sea. ... Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at this familiar looking ocean. Promptly, a look of .... He wondered if the merchant ships of the Gu clan were amongst them. Lin ...

Incremental on-line learning

31 янв. 2018 г. - Pages 1261-1274 ... Recently, incremental and on-line learning gained more attention especially in the context of big data and learning from ...

the link between innovation and productivity in canadian ...

By Wulong Gu, Statistics Canada, and. Jianmin ... Fax: (613) 991-1261. E-mail: .... especially in Canada, no strong link between productivity and innovation.

Increased Concentrations of C-Reactive Protein and IL-6 but not IL-18 ...

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2003; 23: 1255–1261.LinkGoogle Scholar; 27 Scarabin PY, Arveiler D, Amouyel P, Dos Santos C, Evans A, Luc G, Ferrieres J, ...

Evil Emperor is Wild Consort - Chapter 1261: Lin Family, Revenge (8 ...

Chapter 1261: Lin Family, Revenge (8). Add Bookmarks ... As long as he could kill Gu Ruoyun, perhaps Lin Yun could leave this place... "I ordered you to stop, ...

Top 25 Lin Gu profiles | LinkedIn

View the profiles of professionals named Lin Gu on LinkedIn. There are 384 professionals named Lin Gu, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and ...Не найдено: 1261List of people living in China | Page 1261 of 72851 | Locate Family ...https://www.locatefamily.com › ... › Page 1,261 of 72,851Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуXI LIN GUO LE MENG Xilinguolemeng neimengguzizhiqu 026000 .... MENG A LA SHAN ZUO QI LV SE ZHI GUANG , , A La Shan Meng Nei Meng Gu 026017 ...

Quantitative lineage tracing strategies to resolve multipotency in tissue ...

9 июн. 2016 г. - Transplantation assays with FACS-isolated Lin−CD24+CD29Hi BCs regenerate a ...... Madisen L, Zwingman TA, Sunkin SM, Oh SW, Zariwala HA, Gu H, Ng LL, Palmiter RD, ..... gad.280057.116v1; 30/11/1261 most recent ...

Publication | The Ma Group

Yao S. Y., Zhang X., Zhou W., Gao R., Xu W. Q., Ye Y. F., Lin L. L., Wen X. D., Liu P. ... Li W. Z., Xie J. L., Lu L., Christopher J. K., Gu L., Shi C.*, Jose A. R.*, Ma D.*

Liang dynasty - Wikipedia

The Liang dynasty (Chinese: 梁朝; pinyin: Liáng cháo) (502–557), also known as the Southern Liang dynasty (南梁), was the third of the Southern Dynasties ...

Advances in Applied Microbiology

3, 1261–1263. Gu, H. W., Ho, P. L., Tsang, K. W., Yu, C. W., and Xu, B. (2003b). Using biofunctional magnetic nanoparticles to capture Gram-negative bacteria at ...

Brassinosteroids Promote Root Growth in Arabidopsis | Plant Physiology

Article Information. vol. 133 no. 3 1261-1271. DOI .... By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Continue Find out more.

Jia Group - Publications - University of Delaware

... Jia, X.; Cotton, C.; Sun, B.; Gu, B.; Chou, T.–W.* "Shape memory behavior and recovery force of ... Link. Table of contents image. Paik, B. A.; Mane, S. R.; Jia, X.; Kiick, K. L.* ..... Hydrogel Networks", Tissue Eng Part A, 2010, 16, 1247–1261.

Down-regulation of hepatic and intestinal Abcg5 and ... - Springer Link

Aim/hypothesis Type I diabetes is associated with altered hepatic bile formation and increased intestinal cholesterol absorption. The aim of this study was to ...

Sirtuine – Wikipedia

Sirtuin-Substrate. Deacetylierung der klassischen Substrate der Sirtuine, der Lysin-Enden der Histone, führt bei diesen zu einer Veränderung der Basizität des ...

Author Index - ECS Transactions - The Electrochemical Society

211, 1261. Bonakdarpour, A. 151, 221, 241. Bonville, L. 561. Bonville, L. J.. 361 ... Gu, W. 493, 797. Gubler, L. 569. Gur, T. M.. 1059. Gurau, V. 1095. Gyenge, E. ... Lin, J. 63. Litster, S. 409, 949, 1125,. 1217, 1279. Litteer, B. 493. Liu, D. 1289.

CIH Member List

查詢: 姓: 名: 隨機碼: 1. 請在提交資料前,請輸入上方之隨機碼。 2. 請注意,如沒有輸入搜查的姓名,你可能會收到一段很長 ...

Wu Dong Qian Kun - WuxiaWorld

Chapter 1: Lin Dong; Chapter 2: Penetrating Fist; Chapter 3: The Mysterious Rock Pool; Chapter 4: The Secret Of The Rock Pool; Chapter 5: The Mysterious Stone Talisman

Xiangning lin electromagnetic transient analysis and novel protective relaying. Sofás con Chaise Longue y rinconeras | Muebles La Fábrica

Sofás con Chaise Longue y sofás rinconera ideales para equipar tu salón. Financiamos tu compra sin moverte de casa, es rápido y totalmente online. ¡Elige tu ...

Department of Earth Sciences - University of Gothenburg, Sweden

... Study counsellor, Geography & Earth Science Study Counseling International student support Lab inq... +46 31 7862838, emily.whitehurst.zack@gu.se.

Therapeutic effect - Wikipedia

Therapeutic effect refers to the responses(s) after a treatment of any kind, the results of which are judged to be useful or favorable. This is true whether the ...

OSA | Low threshold gain metal coated laser nanoresonators

1261-1263; (2008); •https://doi.org/10.1364/OL.33.001261 ... Qing Gu, Joseph S. T. Smalley, Maziar P. Nezhad, Aleksandar Simic, Jin Hyoung Lee, Michael Katz ...

lingucv (Lin Gu) · GitHub

lingucv has 4 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.Не найдено: 1261The Exoplanet Handbook - Страница 823 - Результат из Google Книгиhttps://books.google.ru/books?isbn=1108419771 - Перевести эту страницуMichael Perryman - 2018 - ‎ScienceMNRAS, 420, 1045–1052 {191} Gu PG, Bodenheimer PH, Lin DNC, 2003a, On ... Science, 191, 1261–1263 (568} Guilera OM, Brunini A, Benvenuto OG, 2010, ...

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort [1001-1280] - Chapter 1261: Lin Family ...

Read Chapter 1261: Lin Family, Revenge (8) from the story Evil Emperor's Wild Consort ... Gu Ruoyun samar-samar meringkuk bibirnya menjadi senyum.

Quad LIN Transceiver E521.50 - Elmos Semiconductor AG

25 янв. 2016 г. - The E521.50 provides four LIN physical layer transceiver com- ... Sampyoung-dong, Bunddang-gu, Sungnam-si ... Phone: +65 (0) 6908 1261.

Presenting Vancomycin on Nanoparticles to Enhance Antimicrobial ...

... American Chemical Society. Cite this:Nano Letters 2003, 3, 9, 1261-1263 .... Lin Mei , Zhentan Lu , Xinge Zhang , Chaoxing Li , and Yanxia Jia. ACS Applied ...

Gu, Mol Vis 2005; 11:971-976. - Molecular Vision

9 нояб. 2005 г. - Jingzhi Gu,1 Yanhua Qi,1 Li Wang,1 Jin Wang,1 Lisong Shi,2 Hui Lin,1 Xiang Li,1 Hong Su,1 Shangzhi .... Am J Hum Genet 1999; 65:1261-7.

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International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology

Volume 10, Number 1:1-841;2017 International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology Menghua Wu, Jian Song, Jimao Zhao, Daoxin Zhang, Lang Feng, Tiandong Han: ...

林奇宏 Chi-Hung Lin - 國立陽明大學微免所

Biochem Pharmacol 2010 May 1; 79(9):1261-1271. ... Chen CF, Hsu EC, Lin KT, Tu PH, Chang HW, Lin CH, Chen YJ, Gu DL, Lin CH, Wu JY, Chen YT, Hsu MT, ...


1 июн. 1998 г. - https://doi.org/10.1890/0012-9658(1998)079[1261:EOEWOP]2.0.CO;2. Cited by: 142. Read the full text. About. Figures; Related; Information.

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Activation of the PI3K Pathway in Cancer Through

1 февр. 2010 г. - http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/325/5945/1261/DC1 can be found at: .... cell line would be a rich source for interacting pro- teins without ..... Cancer Center Proteomics Shared Resource, M. Li, W. Gu,. V. Seshan, S.

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BCA蛋白浓度测定试剂盒/BCA Protein Assay Kit

BCA蛋白浓度测定试剂盒(BCA Protein Assay Kit)是根据目前世界上最常用的两种蛋白浓度检测方 法之一BCA法研制而成,实现了蛋白 ...

Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology

15 июл. 2004 г. - 1135, TAN Zhongqi, LIN Yiming, DING Yinlong, LIAO Qiliao, LIN Peng. Monthly ... 1171, GU Wenxiang, HE Yanbiao, HE Tingyu, PANG Xiongfei, XIAN Jidong .... 1261, LIU Shizhe, LIN Dongjiao, TANG Shujun, LUO Jian.

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MicroRNA - Wikipedia

Cenni Storici. Il primo miRNA fu scoperto nel 1993 da Victor Ambros, Rosalind Lee e Rhonda Feinbaum in uno studio condotto su lin-4, un gene noto per il controllo ...

Recent advances in transition-metal dichalcogenides based ...

Layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) comprise a category of two-dimensional (2D) materials that offer exciting properties, including large surface area ...

5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical ...

L Lacarbonara, F. 145 Lacković, I. 1261, 1418, 1422 Lacour, Stéphanie P. 1338 ... Hae-Young 575 Lee, H.K. 105 Lee, J. 1169 Lee, Jeong Gu 271 Lee, J.H. 105 Lee, ... F. 914 Lin, Bor-Shyh 150 Lin, Chien-Cheng 933 Lin, Geng-Hong 506 Lin, ...

Polythiophene Nanofibril Bundles Surface‐Embedded in Elastomer: A ...

7 янв. 2015 г. - A stretchable polymer channel layer for organic field‐effect transistors is obtained by spin‐coating a blend solution of polythiophene and rubber ...

gu liang xian 's personal homepage - Teacher's homepage of ...

gu liang xian. http://teacher.nwpu.edu.cn/1986000038. The basic information. Name: gu liang xian. School: School of Astronautics. Education Experience: ...

Presenting Vancomycin on Nanoparticles to ... - 中国科技论文在线

Activities. Hongwei Gu,† P. L. Ho,‡ Edmond Tong,‡ Ling Wang,† and Bing Xu*,† ... 1261-1263 .... C. A. Science 1997, 277, 1078; Lin, C.-C.; Yeh, Y.-C.; Yang, C.-.

Chinese Chemical Letters | Vol 22, Issue 11, Pages 1261-1386 ...

Pages 1261-1386 (November 2011). Previous vol/issue · Next vol/issue .... Xiang Qin Lin, Zhi Xiang Zhang, Wan Qun Hu. Pages 1339-1342 ... Qiang Li, Min Gu.

바둑 세계 랭킹 - 1위 커제, 2위 박정환, 3위 신진서

바둑 세계 랭킹 바둑 세계 선수 점수에 따른 랭킹 2017년 11월 7일 기준 출처 : https://www.goratings.org goratings 사이트에서는 go4go.net ...


1992年山东大学微生物系微生物学专业毕业,获理学学士学位;2001年北京大学生命科学院分子细胞生物学专业毕业,获 ...

Semiconductor Nanolasers by Qing Gu - Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Core - Optics, Optoelectronics and Photonics - Semiconductor Nanolasers - by Qing Gu.

The Wellman Center for Photomedicine: Faculty Laboratories

Charan K, Li B, Wang M, Lin CP, Xu C. Fiber-based tunable repetition rate source for deep tissue two-photon fluorescence microscopy. .... Gu F, Levy O, Tong Z, Martyn K, Zhao W, Lin CP, Glicksman MA, Karp JM. ... 2015 Mar 3;10(8):1261-8.

Molecular Nutrition and Diabetes: A Volume in the Molecular ...

Goodyer WR, Gu X, Liu Y, Bottino R, Crabtree GR, Kim SK. Neonatal ... and nerve growth factor stimulate mitogen-activated protein kinase in the insulin-secreting beta-cell line, INS-1. ... Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2010;298(6):E1261e73.

Chi-Hung Lin - Publications - Neurotree

Neurotree: publications by Chi-Hung Lin, Yang-Ming University. ... 2013, Gu DL, Chen YH, Shih JH, Lin CH, Jou YS, Chen CF. Target genes .... 79: 1261-71.

Tumor Suppressor Alterations Cooperate to Drive ... - Cancer Research

15 февр. 2013 г. - Cancer Res; 74(4); 1261–71. У2013 AACR. Introduction .... Each individual cell line was injected in triplicate into 3 independent SCID mice.

OncoTargets and Therapy - Dove Press Open Access Publisher

An international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the pathological basis of all cancers, potential targets for therapy and treatment protocols employed to improve ...

Structures of N-Glycans of Bothrops Venoms Revealed as Molecular ...

... 2018, First published on May 1, 2018, 17 (7) 1261-1284; https://doi.org/10.1074/mcp. ..... The structures B6, B11, B12, and B13 were first described by Lin et al.

Le_eLais69 Profile - Webnovel - Your Fictional Stories Hub

So disgusting but now the Gu family will teach them a rightfully brutal lesson of vengeance and justice that I ... Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C1261 ... Deelah: If the Lin family already have the thoughts to break the rules, why not the Gu family?

Full-Text PDF With Cover - MDPI

15 сент. 2018 г. - Water 2018, 10, 1261; doi:10.3390/w10091261 ..... Thus, the shape of the water surface line is complicated and not easy to capture. The flow ...

8. SITE 1261 - Ocean Drilling Program

rizons “A,” “B,” “B′,” and “C,” has been correlated to Site 1261 with line. GeoB213 ...... gu e m b e lin a co stu lata. Glob otrun ca n a insign is. Glob otrun ca n a.

8482;朦™ 嶛值种曰值 嶛 恐置謲 抵 • #8722;衷恢 - Intellectual ...

12 нояб. 2010 г. - 1261. INTRODUCTION TO DESIGN PUBLICATION. 1262 ...... Due to a blind hole-like line extension, it is possible to separate solid particles from a solid-laden gas. ...... Address of Applicant :50 SOGONG-DONG, JUNG-GU,.


list Company Phase 2 Contact TPC Country Province/Region City MDF Argentina Phase 2 TPC-10 Concordia The Laminex Group MDF Australia Queensland Gympie

JPE-Journal of Power Electronics

STATCOM Helps to Guarantee a Stable System B.R. Anderson, B.D. Gemmell, C. Horwill, and D.J. Hanson JPE, vol. 1, no. 2, pp.65-70 , 2001: Improved Zero-Current ...

Lin Gu (谷 林) - Google Scholar Citations

Y Jia, Y Zheng, L Gu, A Subpa-Asa, A Lam, Y Sato, I Sato. ICCV 2017, 4715-4723, 2017. 6, 2017. Semi-supervised learning for biomedical image segmentation ...Не найдено: 1261Novel Chapter 1261 | Wu Dong Qian Kun Wikia | FANDOM powered ...wu-dong-qian-kun.wikia.com/wiki/Novel_Chapter_1261 - Перевести эту страницу... know Lin Dong. However Lin Dong didn't know where they are in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Order of Appearance Lin Dong, Ying Huanhuan, Qing Tan, Gu...

Charles P. Lin, PhD - DF/HCC

Dr. Lin leads an Advanced Microscopy Group in the MGH Center for Systems ... Ziller MJ, Lee E, Gu H, Meissner A, Lin CP, Kharchenko PV, Scadden DT.

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Stephan Russenschuck Field Computation for Accelerator Magnets. Analytical and Numerical Methods Electromagnetic Design Optimization

Written by a leading expert on the electromagnetic design and engineering of superconducting accelerator magnets, this book offers the most comprehensive treatment of the subject to date. In concise and easy-to-read style, the author lays out both the mathematical basis for analytical and numerical field computation and their application to magnet design and manufacture. Of special interest is the presentation of a software-based design process that has been applied to the entire production cycle of accelerator magnets from the concept phase to field optimization, production follow-up, and hardware commissioning. Included topics: Technological challenges for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN Algebraic structures and vector fields Classical vector analysis Foundations of analytical field computation Fields and Potentials of line currents Harmonic fields The conceptual design of iron- and coil-dominated magnets Solenoids Complex analysis methods for magnet design Elementary beam optics and magnet polarities Numerical field calculation using finite- and boundary-elements Mesh generation Time transient effects in superconducting magnets, including superconductor magnetization and cable eddy-currents Quench simulation and magnet protection Mathematical optimization techniques using genetic and deterministic algorithms Practical experience from the electromagnetic design of the LHC magnets illustrates the analytical and numerical concepts, emphasizing the relevance of the presented methods to a great many applications in electrical engineering. The result is an indispensable guide for high-energy physicists, electrical engineers, materials scientists, applied mathematicians, and systems engineers.

2215.41 РУБ



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Марина Орлова Микроэлектроника

В практикуме содержатся лабораторные работы по курсу «Микроэлектроника», выполненные с помощью программы схемотехнического анализа MicroCap-8. В процессе выполнения лабораторных работ студенты приобретут основные знания по компьютерному анализу и синтезу электронных устройств: вводу электронных схем с помощью графического редактора, оформлению задания на моделирование, методике проведения анализа переходных процессов (TRANSIENT Analysis), анализу по переменному току (AC analysis) и по постоянному току (DC analysis).

328 РУБ



Dr. Reinaldo J. Perez Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility

A comprehensive resource that explores electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for aerospace systems Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility is a groundbreaking book on EMC for aerospace systems that addresses both aircraft and space vehicles. With contributions from an international panel of aerospace EMC experts, this important text deals with the testing of spacecraft components and subsystems, analysis of crosstalk and field coupling, aircraft communication systems, and much more. The text also includes information on lightning effects and testing, as well as guidance on design principles and techniques for lightning protection. The book offers an introduction to E3 models and techniques in aerospace systems and explores EMP effects on and technology for aerospace systems. Filled with the most up-to-date information, illustrative examples, descriptive figures, and helpful scenarios, Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility is designed to be a practical information source. This vital guide to electromagnetic compatibility: • Provides information on a range of topics including grounding, coupling, test procedures, standards, and requirements • Offers discussions on standards for aerospace applications • Addresses aerospace EMC through the use of testing and theoretical approaches Written for EMC engineers and practitioners, Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility is a critical text for understanding EMC for aerospace systems.

9896.42 РУБ



John Brauer R. Magnetic Actuators and Sensors

A fully updated, easy-to-read guide on magnetic actuators and sensors The Second Edition of this must-have book for todays engineers includes the latest updates and advances in the field of magnetic actuators and sensors. Magnetic Actuators and Sensors emphasizes computer-aided design techniques—especially magnetic finite element analysis; offers many new sections on topics ranging from magnetic separators to spin valve sensors; and features numerous worked calculations, illustrations, and real-life applications. To aid readers in building solid, fundamental, theoretical background and design know-how, the book provides in-depth coverage in four parts: PART I: MAGNETICS Introduction Basic Electromagnetics Reluctance Method Finite-Element Method Magnetic Force Other Magnetic Performance Parameters PART II: ACTUATORS Magnetic Actuators Operated by Direct Current Magnetic Actuators Operated by Alternating Current Magnetic Actuator Transient Operation PART III: SENSORS Hall Effect and Magnetoresistive Sensors Other Magnetic Sensors PART IV: SYSTEMS Coil Design and Temperature Calculations Electromagnetic Compatibility Electromechanical Finite Elements Electromechanical Analysis Using Systems Models Coupled Electrohydraulic Analysis Using Systems Models With access to a support website containing downloadable software data files (including MATLAB® data files) for verifying design techniques and analytical methods, Magnetic Actuators and Sensors, Second Edition is an exemplary learning tool for practicing engineers and engineering students involved in the design and application of magnetic actuators and sensors.

10533.3 РУБ



Tretyakov Sergei A. Modern Electromagnetic Scattering Theory with Applications

This self-contained book gives fundamental knowledge about scattering and diffraction of electromagnetic waves and fills the gap between general electromagnetic theory courses and collections of engineering formulas. The book is a tutorial for advanced students learning the mathematics and physics of electromagnetic scattering and curious to know how engineering concepts and techniques relate to the foundations of electromagnetics

14651.58 РУБ



Saltus Edgar A Transient Guest, and Other Episodes

Donald Baker G. Electromagnetic Compatibility. Analysis and Case Studies in Transportation

Explains and resolves the electromagnetic compatibility challenges faced by engineers in transportation and communications This book is a mathematically-rich extension of courses required to maintain the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and the European Union certifications. The text provides an in-depth study of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues related to specific topics in transportation and communications, including Light Rail Transit, shadow effects, and radio dead spots, through the analysis of real-world case studies in the United States and Europe. The author provides Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical solutions that can be applied to Maxwells and Wave Equations. The book covers topics such as SCADA Systems, shielding, and complexities of radio frequencies and their effect on communication houses. The author also provides information for alternative industries to apply the solutions from the case studies and background content to their own professions. Presents a series of over twenty real-world case studies related to EMC in transportation and communications Covers power line radiation, shadow effects on subway cars, train control systems, and edge distortions Includes the OATS testing method and Department of Transportation (DOT) test Provides access to a companion website housing power point slides and additional appendices Electromagnetic Compatibility: Analysis and Case Studies in Transportation is a reference for practicing engineers involved in transportation and communications, as well as post-graduate engineering students studying transportation and communications in engineering.

9987.88 РУБ



J. Das C. Understanding Symmetrical Components for Power System Modeling

An essential guide to studying symmetrical component theory Provides concise treatment of symmetrical components Describes major sequence models of power system components Discusses Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP) models Includes worked examples to illustrate the complexity of calculations, followed by matrix methods of solution which have been adopted for calculations on digital computers

6910.54 РУБ



Shannon Byrne N. A Companion to the Ancient Novel

This companion addresses a topic of continuing contemporary relevance, both cultural and literary. Offers both a wide-ranging exploration of the classical novel of antiquity and a wealth of close literary analysis Brings together the most up-to-date international scholarship on the ancient novel, including fresh new academic voices Includes focused chapters on individual classical authors, such as Petronius, Xenophon and Apuleius, as well as a wide-ranging thematic analysis Addresses perplexing questions concerning authorial expression and readership of the ancient novel form Provides an accomplished introduction to a genre with a rising profile

15898.4 РУБ



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Evgeniy Gorbachev Returning to Earth research

Such phenomena’s as transduction, regeneration and new kernel synthesis have been analyzed in this book, it is tunnel effect research also and electromagnetic energy – warmth transformation. Potential curves and shapes with critical points are characterized, questions of technical optimization, new physical space phenomena’s, long term forecasts, analysis kernel building and quantum gas exploration are discussed.

120 РУБ



Er-Ping Li Electrical Modeling and Design for 3D System Integration. Integrated Circuits Packaging, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity EMC

New advanced modeling methods for simulating the electromagnetic properties of complex three-dimensional electronic systems Based on the authors extensive research, this book sets forth tested and proven electromagnetic modeling and simulation methods for analyzing signal and power integrity as well as electromagnetic interference in large complex electronic interconnects, multilayered package structures, integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards. Readers will discover the state of the technology in electronic package integration and printed circuit board simulation and modeling. In addition to popular full-wave electromagnetic computational methods, the book presents new, more sophisticated modeling methods, offering readers the most advanced tools for analyzing and designing large complex electronic structures. Electrical Modeling and Design for 3D System Integration begins with a comprehensive review of current modeling and simulation methods for signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic compatibility. Next, the book guides readers through: The macromodeling technique used in the electrical and electromagnetic modeling and simulation of complex interconnects in three-dimensional integrated systems The semi-analytical scattering matrix method based on the N-body scattering theory for modeling of three-dimensional electronic package and multilayered printed circuit boards with multiple vias Two- and three-dimensional integral equation methods for the analysis of power distribution networks in three-dimensional package integrations The physics-based algorithm for extracting the equivalent circuit of a complex power distribution network in three-dimensional integrated systems and printed circuit boards An equivalent circuit model of through-silicon vias Metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitance effects of through-silicon vias Engineers, researchers, and students can turn to this book for the latest techniques and methods for the electrical modeling and design of electronic packaging, three-dimensional electronic integration, integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards.

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